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Wood Fired

Wood Firing is an experience full of process, discovery, culture, and history. It began in China 3500 years ago and spread through Asia to Japan by the 5th century. It is a ritualistic art form that takes a village, and produces pieces that are organic, dramatic, and beautifully unpredictable. It is an atmospheric firing where a complex interaction of ash, salts, minerals in the clay and the flame create abstract unique markings on the pots, no two pieces are the same. The kiln is large enough for a human to walk into, and maned around the clock by a community that continuously feeds wood into it every 5-10 minutes for 3-5 days allowing the kiln to sustain very high temperatures. As the wood burns it creates ash that flies around the kiln dusting the pots, melting on the glazes altering them and creating surfaces that tell a story in a primal language. 

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